Project Resilience

Ulster County is one of the first counties in the country to undertake a large-scale universal basic income pilot program. This program provides much-needed economic relief directly to families throughout the county. Through a partnership between Project Resilience, the University of Pennsylvania’s Center for Guaranteed Income, Community Foundations of the Hudson Valley, and Ulster Savings Bank, Ulster County will be providing 100 qualifying households with direct relief payments of $500 a month for an entire year, all funded through the generosity of community donations.

If you are selected, then you will receive $500 each month to spend as you wish. We will not tell you how to spend your additional income, nor will we include requirements like employment. By providing a minimum income each month, we believe households will be better able to plan, meet their basic needs, become self-sufficient, and achieve more of their potential. 100 participants will be selected to receive these funds through a lottery system managed by UPENN.

The application for Project Resilience is now closed. If you were randomly selected to participate in the program, as either a recipient of the $500 or a member of the comparison group, you should have received an email on March 23, 2021.

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