Vaccine Medical Volunteer

Whether you’re a medical professional or not, you can help end the COVID pandemic in our community. The Ulster County Department of Health needs your help to run ongoing public COVID-19 vaccination events.  

Following are descriptions of the volunteer roles that we need help with. Click on the specific volunteer role you choose and are qualified for and it will take you to a secure online form where you can enter, upload and submit the information needed to get you signed up.

Thank you!

Medical Opportunities

Administers COVID-19 vaccine to patients that have completed the screening process. Must be a Licensed Clinical Professional or any appropriately credentialed personnel per Executive Order who can dispense vaccinations.

Medical Consult
Provides medical advice to Screeners and Vaccinators. Oversees any medical incident in the POD and ensures proper care is administered.  Must be a licensed nurse or physician with experience in planning and operating clinics. Needs supervisory/management skills.

Behavioral/Mental Health Consult
Assist victims, families, first responders, staff, and the general community with the emotional and behavioral aspects of a public health incident at a POD. Staffed by a County Mental Health professional or trained mental/behavioral health professional.

Medical Screener
Verifies patients’ self-completed forms/protocol-based questions to identify recipients requiring medical evaluation; clears or defers for vaccine administration.  Defers any medical questions to Screening Supervisor or Medical Consult.

Additional Medical Volunteer Tasks: