New York on PAUSE

New York on PAUSE Form:

Complaint Referral and Enforcement Assistance To assist local authorities with enforcement of these orders, the Governor established the New York State PAUSE Enforcement Assistance Task Force where individuals can file complaints regarding the operation of non-essential businesses or gatherings 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through an online form or by calling 1-833-789-0470. These complaints are reviewed for completeness, accuracy, and applicability under the orders, and then referred to local authorities (as designated by the county leadership) by a team of investigators from multiple state agencies. In addition to assessing the credibility of complaints, these skilled investigators can assist local authorities in their front-line role of responding to alleged violations of the orders by providing guidance on available civil and criminal enforcement tools. (Note: Specific complaints from employees against their employers should be directed to the Department of Labor through their online form.)