Day Cares

Guidance for Day Cares

We recommend:

  • Reducing attendance to 50% of students to encourage social distancing within the classrooms.
  • Give priority to families who are first responders and health care workers.
  • Take temperature of all children and staff with a no touch thermometer before entering the building. No one is permitted with a fever.
  • Implement curbside pickup where parents do not enter the building to pick up or drop off their children.
  • Wash hands frequently. Encourage hand washing by children and staff through education, scheduled time for handwashing, and the provision of adequate supplies.
  • Clean frequently touched surfaces and toys daily with appropriate disinfectants.
  • Separate children who become sick throughout the day from others until they can go home. Parents must pick up sick children immediately. When feasible, identify a “sick room” through which others do not regularly pass.
  • According to the latest guidance from the New York State Education Department, when a student or staff member who attended school prior to being confirmed as a COVID-19 case, New York State Department of Health requires an initial 24-hour closure in order to disinfect the building and begin an investigation to determine the contacts that the individual may have had within the school environment.