COVID-19 Information for Ulster County Businesses

Ulster County Office of Economic Development

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Ulster County Department of Economic Development is available and ready to help our local businesses face these challenging times.  Please call or email us with your concerns and questions.

Ulster County partners, Ulster RESPOND, are helping businesses respond to the Pandemic Economic Environment.

The guidance for Phase Four industries has been posted by New York State.

This includes:

  • Higher Education
  • Low-Risk Outdoor Arts & Entertainment
  • Low-Risk Indoor Arts & Entertainment
  • Media Production

Ulster County Phase Three Reopening is June 23, 2020. Phase Three Industries include:

  • Food Services (including indoor dining)
  • Personal Care (nails, waxing, massage, tattoo, piercing, and more)

Ulster County began Phase 2 Reopening on June 9 2020.

Phase Two Industries include:

  • Offices
  • Real Estate
  • Essential and Phase 2 In-Store Retail
  • Vehicle Sales, Leases, and Rentals
  • Retail Rental, Repair, and Cleaning
  • Commercial Building Management
  • Hair Salons and Barbershops
  • Outdoor Dining

Phase One Reopening began on May 26, 2020.

Phase One Industries include:

  • Construction
  • Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, and Hunting
  • Retail (limited to curbside or in-store pickup or drop off
  • Manufacturing
  • Wholesale Trade

Safety plan templates are available by visiting

A safe reopening of our local economy is a shared responsibility. Local businesses are encouraged to reach out to the Office of Economic Development with their questions and concerns.