What’s the difference between quarantine and isolation?

Self-quarantine is not the same as quarantine. Quarantine is the designation by the Department of Health of a person who is being investigated/monitored for COVID-19 and involves written quarantine orders which are served to the patient.

MANDATORY QUARANTINE generally applies to:

  • Patients who are COVID-19 positive (whether symptomatic or asymptomatic).
  • Anyone who has had close contact (< 6 ft) with someone who is COVID-19 Positive.
  • Anyone who has traveled to CDC Level 2 or 3 Health Alert countries and are displaying symptoms of COVID-19.


  • Patients waiting for test results.
  • Persons who have had indirect contact (contact with someone who had contact with a COVID-19 patient) and self-monitoring for symptoms.

For further clarification, please refer to your own doctor or to the State’s website or the NYS Coronavirus Hotline: 888-364-3065.