I’m a renter. Where can I go for help?

County Executive Pat Ryan has created a new unit to exclusively review tenant complaints related to COVID-19. The COVID-19 Tenant Protection Unit, staffed by members of the Ulster County Public Defender’s Office, will assure that tenants’ rights are being protected through Governor Andrew Cuomo’s “New York on Pause” order, which put all commercial or residential eviction under a 90-day moratorium.  The COVID-19 Tenant Protection Unit will serve as a liaison between the tenant and appropriate law enforcement jurisdiction, the State Attorney General, building inspectors and landlords, Legal Services of the Hudson Valley, and other government resources to help protect tenants from illegal evictions. To make a tenant complaint, please visit the online form.

Visit the Ulster County Sheriff’s Office website for help with emergencies which need 24 hour response. (Eg. if someone is evicted because of COVID)

For non-emergencies, first read the lease to find relevant sections. Second, have a productive conversation with the landlord and negotiate agreeable terms. (Suggest that appraisals be pushed off for one month).

The Governor’s moratorium on evictions has been extended.  However, courts are open for eviction proceedings and a tenant must establish that his/her failure to pay rent stems from COVID-related financial hardship in order to avoid eviction.