I signed for the County’s Vaccine Notification Request form on behalf of someone else using my own email address, how will I know who you’re contacting?

The way to distinguish your Vaccine Notification Request form sign-up from other people’s is to use a unique email address for each person.  If you are signing up on behalf of someone else and also want to be contacted yourself, based on different eligibility criteria, you should create a unique email address for each person.  Try a free email service, where you can create a new address to monitor on behalf of someone who does not have an email address and/or is in a different prioritization category.  The Notification Request form can only accommodate one email address per person.

The Vaccine Notification Request Form is for the purposes of sharing updates on vaccine availability and sending messages to those who are currently eligible to receive a vaccine at our County-led PODs (points of dispensing) about how to reserve an appointment.  This does not sign you up for an appointment.

Please note: New York State has directed pharmacies to prioritize the vaccination of our seniors aged 65+ and hospitals to prioritize our  healthcare workers.  Seniors can reach out to their local pharmacy (learn more about local pharmacy providers on our Get Vaccinated page).  For Healthcare Workers, your primary point of contact to be vaccinated is your employer.