I made an appointment for a vaccination at a County-led POD (point of dispensing). What do I need to know?

After you have made an appointment for a COVID-19 vaccination at a County-led POD (point of dispensing), you should receive an email confirmation or vaccine ID number indicating your appointment details.  A print-out of the appointment confirmation or ID number must be presented at the POD for vaccination.  A photo ID and indication of employment (if within a population which requires employment for vaccine eligibility) must be presented, as well.  Indication of employment may include an employment ID card, letter from an employer, or a pay stub, depending upon the specific priority status.

When you have received your first vaccine shot, you will be directed at the POD on how to make an appointment for your second dose.  Please note, COVID-19 vaccine doses are coupled – wherever you receive your first dose is where you will need to get your second dose.

The Ulster County POD at the Kate Walton Field House is ADA-accessible and there are a limited number of wheelchairs available for public use.

The Ulster County POD at the Kate Walton Field House is being coordinated by Ulster County’s Emergency Services and Health Department, according to the most up-to-date COVID guidelines, including capacity restrictions, social distancing, mask enforcement, etc.  The vaccine is being administered by medical professionals with operational support from trained volunteer staff.  A goal of the POD is to provide a safe and efficient vaccination experience for those who are currently eligible.