I am really anxious to be vaccinated against COVID-19. Is there anything I can do to be prioritized sooner?

New York State is determining the eligibility criteria for vaccine administration, as well as instructing how vaccines are to be distributed by local providers to the priority groups.  At this time, New York State is vaccinating healthcare workers, first responders and specific essential workers who have increased risk of exposure, and seniors 65+.  If you meet any of these categories, additional underlying conditions do not currently further prioritize you within these groups.

The Ulster County Recovery Service Center does not have the ability to over-ride State guidelines in order to prioritize people.  And the Vaccine Notification Request form on the County’s Vaccine Resource Center is not a waiting list nor a lottery: people are not prioritized in order of when they signed up.  There will be many opportunities to schedule a vaccine appointment in the coming months, and you will remain on the email notification list indefinitely, or until you unsubscribe from it.

We are looking forward to when the supply meets the demand and there will be additional vaccination sites. With the recent positive news regarding both the Johnson & Johnson and the AstraZeneca vaccine, we are hopeful that supply will increase in the near future. We ask for your continued patience and remind you to continue to look for information here on our Vaccine Resource Center as well as on our social media channels.