Statement from Ulster County Executive Pat Ryan and Ulster County Legislative Chairman Dave Donaldson on Early Voting

“In Ulster County, we have seen a tremendous surge in early voting participation. The good news is that in just three days we have surpassed all early votes cast in 2019. However, this unprecedented increase in early voting has also resulted in many having to wait hours just to cast their ballots. With five more days of early voting remaining, we must bolster our efforts and do everything that we can to ensure all of our residents can vote safely and quickly. Therefore I am calling upon the Ulster County Board of Elections to expand hours at our five existing sites, add additional polling locations, and take any other actions allowed by law to ensure a smooth process for voters.” – Ulster County Executive Pat Ryan

“We have already budgeted for the inclusion of additional sites, equipment, and staff. After speaking with several members of the Legislature, it is clear that if we have voters waiting an extended period of time to vote, we should expand access to the polls as quickly as possible.” – Ulster County Legislative Chairman Dave Donaldson