Ulster County Executive Ryan Announces Testing Has Been Completed at Nursing Home Facilities

Testing completed in 13 of 13 facilities

1,233 residents have been tested

KINGSTON, N.Y. – Ulster County Executive Pat Ryan today held a live briefing on COVID-19. County Executive Ryan announced that the Ulster County Health Department has now completed testing of all residents and staff at 13 of Ulster County’s nursing homes, testing 1,233 residents. Of the nursing homes in which the County has received results, six facilities had zero COVID-19 positive cases thus far. 

County Executive Ryan committed to testing all senior facilities in the County in May as a part of the efforts between the Ulster County Health Department and senior living facilities in Ulster County to provide a rapid response team. 

“Given the high risk to our senior population, it has been imperative that we continue to take a proactive approach in our senior living facilities,” County Executive Pat Ryan said. “I have no doubt that the work that we have done in our senior living facilities has saved lives.”

As a part of his nursing home plan, County Executive Ryan directed the Health Department to reach out to all senior living facilities that are at high risk to offer guidance and to better coordinate a COVID-19 response. This rapid response team provides support for these facilities with testing, PPE, and setting up health protocols. Additionally, the rapid response team will provide temporary staffing to support at risk nursing and rehabilitation facilities. These individuals will be available to provide aid based on the specific needs of the facility as defined by the facility’s medical staff and administrator. Ulster County has 13 senior living facilities. 

There are currently 1,737 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Ulster County and 77 fatalities. 

For additional information about COVID-19, please visit: 


Ulster County COVID-19 Hotline: 845-443-8888

NYS Coronavirus Information Hotline: 888-364-3065