County Executive Ryan Announces New Resilience Economic Initiative to Recover, Reopen, and Realign Ulster County’s Economy

County Executive Ryan’s “Resilience Economic Initiative” lays out bold and aggressive economic development strategy, calls for Ulster County to work “at the speed of business” 

County Executive Ryan establishes industry-specific working groups tasked with helping businesses develop and implement reopening protocols by sector

County Executive Ryan announces that Ulster County businesses have already received over $50 million in federal loans 

KINGSTON, N.Y. – County Executive Pat Ryan announced today at his live Facebook COVID-19 update the launch of his Ulster County Resilience Economic initiative. The primary goal of the new program is to accelerate and coordinate Ulster County’s economic development efforts in the wake of the pandemic. The plan includes three main lines of effort – Recover, Reopen, and Realign – which will support Ulster County businesses and workers through the crisis and ensure the county emerges stronger on the other side. County Executive Ryan’s “Resilience” strategy includes a series of immediate, medium, and long-term goals aimed at putting Ulster’s economy back on track. 

The initiatives include a wide array of plans and resources to drive economic recovery and resilience including: providing business mentors to help businesses safely reopen and adjust their business models; helping businesses and workers more easily apply for federal and state loans and economic assistance; and making a series of targeted economic development investments in high-value sectors to drive future growth within the county.

County Executive Ryan’s Resilience Economic Initiative is a major step forward in positioning Ulster County for a smooth, responsible, and effective reopening of the economy, and will be informed by input from business and community leaders and public health experts. The initiative will also be closely coordinated with ongoing plans from Governor Andrew Cuomo to lift statewide PAUSE restrictions. 

In addition, County Executive Ryan announced that as a result of proactive work from the Ulster County Department of Economic Development, Ulster County small businesses received $8.2 million in Small Business Association (SBA) sourced loans during the first quarter of 2020. Further, County Executive Ryan reported that community banks in Ulster County provided over $50 million in Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans during the initial 13 day period that the program was open, despite receiving guidance later than the large national banks. The program is now open for a second round of lending.

“Now more than ever, Ulster County government must move at the speed of business,” County Executive Pat Ryan said. “My plan to recover, reopen, and realign our local economy requires us to take bold action, and to all work quickly and collaboratively. As we continue to battle the public health risks of COVID-19, we must also move aggressively with all the tools at our disposal to ensure we are ready to safely reopen our businesses and get our economy going again.”  

“The whole of government must act swiftly and in partnership to help our local economy emerge safely and successfully in the coming weeks and months, and I thank Executive Pat Ryan for taking a bold approach to making this happen,” Ulster County Legislative Chairman David Donaldson said. “Our County Legislature is committed to working in tandem with the administration to emphasize economic development initiatives and protect all of our residents.”

“I look forward to working with County Executive Ryan to begin restarting and retooling the Ulster County economy in conjunction with business owners from every sector of the economy,” Ulster County Legislature Minority Leader Ken Ronk said. “We have to re-imagine our economy while keeping our residents safe and healthy, and this campaign is a great first step toward that.”

“Thank you County Executive Ryan for your commitment to supporting our local businesses throughout COVID-19,” Ulster County Regional Chamber of Commerce President Ward Todd said. “This initiative to recover, reopen, and realign Ulster County’s economy in the wake of this crisis will help us to rebuild and bolster our business community and position us for greater economic prosperity in the future.”

County Executive Ryan’s Ulster County Resilience Economic initiative will support Ulster County businesses and workers through the crisis and ensure we emerge stronger on the other side. The initiative includes three main lines of effort: Recover, Reopen, and Realign.


  • Work with the Ulster County Recovery Taskforce to ensure a coordinated and compassionate response to the socioeconomic impacts of COVID-19 on all workers and families
  • Ulster County Office of Economic Development and the Ulster County Economic Development Alliance (UCEDA) to help businesses navigate federal and state recovery resources 
  • Ulster County businesses have already received over $50 million in federal loans


  • Industry-specific working groups tasked with helping businesses develop and implement reopen protocols by sector 
  • Business mentors to help guide businesses through the process of reopening planning,  provide technical assistance for business model adjustment, and  deliver any other needed support 
  • Ulster County Office of Employment and Training to lead effort to support job seekers and businesses looking to rebuild their workforce 


  • Convene joint meetings of the UCEDA and Workforce Development Board to identify key workforce development needs
  • Ulster 2040 recommendations for county-led investments in targeted growth industries  
  • Seek to work closely with the IDA to re-energize Ulster’s economy

County Executive Ryan expects work to start on industry-specific working groups immediately in order to allow for a smooth transition once New York’s PAUSE order is lifted. 

“As a restaurant owner, I have seen first-hand the effects of COVID-19 on our local restaurants. We have watched our restaurant community experience a loss in revenue, layoff employees, reevaluate and revamp their process to continue to provide service to their customer base,”  Freddy Tampasis, Co-Owner of Dallas Hot Wieners said. “These efforts are taxing on owners and employees yet they continue to migrate confidently through uncharted waters. Ulster County Executive Ryan’s thoughtful approach to reopening, recovering, and realigning our economy will help our local businesses get back on the right path. I look forward to partnering with other restaurateurs to help in driving the future success of our community.”

“I look forward to joining County Executive Ryan’s team of private sector individuals tasked with offering support in a thoughtful and careful unwinding of the New York State on PAUSE,”  Steven Turk, President of Rocking Horse Ranch said. “The Hospitality, Entertainment and Food & Beverage industries of Ulster County have been devastated. We are demoralized. Now, we are presented with the opportunity to work together in bringing Ulster County back on line in a safe and methodical manner.”     

“The Ulster County Resilience Economic Initiative will ensure Ulster County’s economy will be able to come back strong as ever,” Jim Demosthenes, Owner of Santa Fe restaurants said. “Thank you to County Executive Ryan for leading this initiative and supporting our business community during this difficult time. I look forward to joining other restaurant owners in helping to support this next chapter for our community.”

“I commend County Executive Ryan for convening this working group to help Ulster County emerge from this economic disaster,” Jimmy McGowan, James McGowan & Sons Masonry said. “I look forward to working with other Ulster County business owners to find solutions to these unprecedented challenges.”

“I’m very pleased to see County Executive Ryan take this initiative to help find solutions to our unprecedented economic challenges,” Karen Clark Adin, Owner, Bop to Tottom said. “I look forward to working with business owners from around the county to assist in this important task.”

“I’d like to thank Executive Ryan for working to put together this working group to assist the residents and businesses of Ulster County to recover from this pandemic,” Kevin Brady, President, Ceres Technologies said. “It’s important to note that although the pandemic is a worldwide crisis, local communities and government, working towards the same goal, will ultimately be the force that best positions Ulster County to be a leader in recovery efforts. I look forward to participating in the working group and feel very optimistic that collectively we will experience a great outcome.”

“Thank you County Executive Ryan for convening this important working group,” Todd Erling, Executive Director, Hudson Valley Agribusiness Development Corporation said. Our farmers are facing unprecedented challenges as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and I look forward to working with county business and government leaders to help them emerge from this crisis stronger than ever.”

“Ulster County has been extremely fortunate to have Executive Pat Ryan leading us through these unprecedented times,” Valerie Dwyer, President Arold Construction Company said. “He has done a tremendous job planning and preparing for different possible scenarios while keeping the community informed with both clarity and transparency. As we move forward from this pandemic and begin the healing process, I am honored to have the opportunity to work with Executive Ryan and other business owners to get our economy and small businesses back on track. I have always believed that Ulster County is a special place that has deep roots and is filled with kind and caring people; I have no doubt that, together, we will come out of this stronger than before. “

“Having had the privilege of being raised in Ulster County and continuing to work in my family’s small business, I am honored to take part in such important discussions regarding the reopening of our county’s businesses,” Sharlene Martin, Managing Director, Weidy’s Furniture Center said. “I look forward to working with our County Executive, his team and other local entrepreneurs on developing safe and productive ways to getting us back on track.” 

“Ulster County has been a highly sought out tourism area to many. Although, COVID-19 has had a devastating effect on our economy, we believe the creatives of Ulster County working together along with County Executive Pat Ryan’s support can help bring back the economy,”  Jennifer Salemo, General Manager, Turtle Creek Golf Course said. “He has been such a strong leader during this pandemic, keeping us updated on our resources to help our businesses as well as create initiative programs like Project Resilience. We look forward to continuing to work with County Executive Ryan and our creative partners in the food service and hospitality industry to reopen, recover and realign Ulster County’s economy.”

“As a farmer in Ulster County, I am happy to bring Agriculture and small business’ perspective to the conversation about recovering from this pandemic,” Chris Kelder, Owner, Kelder’s Farm said. 

There are currently 1,294 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 24 fatalities in Ulster County. 

For additional information about COVID-19 visit:

Ulster County COVID-19 Hotline: 845-443-8888

NYS Coronavirus Information Hotline: 888-364-3065